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Nightscapes was recorded by James in August of 2017. This recording, which is a single track lasting over an hour, is of solo piano improvisations based on traditional and original melodies. Although conceived to be a soundtrack for sleep, it is also great background music for relaxation and concentration.

The melodies which make the foundation for this CD are 15 tunes written by James, which currently have the labels as "Lullabies" -- the first of which is displayed here:

Winter Music - a mix of Newfoundland music and Christmas music - that doesn't sound too christmassy. Meant to be played to accompany sleep. These recordings are available on Streaming Services (Spotify, iTunes) -- but also available for purchase by emailing us! 

Lullaby 1 - James Hurley
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Available in Newfoundland Fred's Records and O'Brien's Music and Twisted Sister!

This solo piano recording is the start of a larger project: In Nightscapes, the melodies are played continuously with no breaks - as silence would distract the ear. The next part will be announced once it starts moving! 

Nightscapes is available, and makes for a great baby gift :)

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